WHOOSH 3D Enabled Screen Protector for your iPhone

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    WHOOSH 3D Enabled Screen Protector for your iPhone

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      WHOOSH 3D Enabled Screen Protector for your iPhone

      3D without glasses

      Changing 3D Dynamics 
      Imagine being able to view all your videos in 3D on your iPhone without the need for these silly cheap looking uncool 3D glasses well we have the answer to your prayers: the Whoosh3D screen protectors enable glasses-free 3D viewing on your mobile phone.

      The 3D screen protector must be combined with the free Whoosh3D app function. The app also introduces many brand new 3D features that are easy to use; these include 2D to 3D conversion that you can do while you watch media, such as YouTube. It also includes 3D photography and filming with no added hardware necessary, 3D viewing settings such as depth settings and eye dominance for an optimal 3D experience and much more.

      Whoosh3D comes with a larger amount of quality settings than you will have seen from a 3D product and it’s all glass-free!

      Create, Personalize, Share 3D
      By combining Whoosh3D app with its proprietary 3D enabled screen protector, users have options to create their very own personalized video in 3D, instantly and glasses free. Whoosh3D allows users to capture and convert any 2D image, content, and video into 3D easily, expediently, and cost effectively.

      More Than Just A Screen Protector
      Whoosh3D's dual software and optical film technology avails the global consumer with an instant, glasses-free 3D Experience using conventional 2D smartphones and tablets. Whoosh3D offers consumers with more than just a screen protector. With its proprietary 3D enabling features, the Whoosh3D screen protector makes glasses-free 3D viewing simple and accessible.

      How Does the Whoosh3D App Work?
      The Whoosh3D mobile app capitalises on image cues and exploits characteristics of the human visual eye to create an impression of depth. The Whoosh3D app when combined with its proprietary 3D enabled Screen Protector, provide users with a fully loaded and highly pioneering 3D solution without the need to replace user's existing and conventional smartphones and tablets. Whoosh3D has been designed and engineered to have a unique built in depth control feature to adjust user’s personal viewing comfort. More importantly, Whoosh3D allows both 2D and 3D to co-exist so consumers have both 2D and 3D option, at all times.

      • Key Features

      • Glasses free 3D video viewing
      • Free dowloadable App
      • Simple to setup
      • Easy to use
      • Watch all your videos in 3D
      • Convert 2D videos to 3D

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