Thumbs Up USB Office Stealth Switch

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    Thumbs Up USB Office Stealth Switch

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    Thumbs Up USB Office Stealth Switch

    No one needs to know what you're doing on your PC at work!

    The worlds first desktop cloaking device.

    Just tap your foot on the switch to hide the windows you don't want to be caught looking at.

    Never get caught playing at work again!

    Stealth Switch is a computer based privacy device that instantly and completely hides applications.

    The applications are not just minimized they are made completely invisible. No more minimising applications turning off the monitor or doing those dodgy mouse clicks or hurriedly hitting ALT TAB when your boss walks in.

    With a simple click of the foot switch you can instantly hide the current window hide all open windows or certain windows only. It can also mute sound and has many other useful settings. The CD software included is highly intuitive with a range of customisable options.

    The best part is Stealth Switch is hidden away under your desk so no one will notice. It comes with an enormous 6' USB cable, a perfect length to enable it to be situated where it is properly concealed. Now you can surf the web,  play Sudoku,  look up company information program that killer app shop on eBay and know that your privacy is only a click away.  Ideal too if you are dealing with personal and confidential information on your computer such as salary reviews, performance reviews etc...

    Protect your privacy Save your job Use Stealth Switch.

    The following configuration options are available:

    • Hide Current Window
    • Hide All Open Windows
    • Hide All Open Windows except specified windows
    • Application Launcher
    • Start a specific application when hiding windows Hide task bar when hiding windows
    • Hide all desktop icons when hiding windows
    • Hide all windows after a specified period of inactivity
    • Mute sound when hiding windows
    • Password protect access to restore configuration
    • Play distinctive Stealth Switch sound when hiding windows
    • Autorun at system startup
    • Start in system tray only

    • Key Features
    • Package Content

    • Protect sensitive information
    • Get confidential materials off your screen fast
    • Instant computer privacy
    • Works with any application
    • Easy to install
    • Windows Vista compatible
    • Mac drivers available for download
    • Dimensions: 80 x 36mm

    • Stealth Switch
    • 6 foot Cable
    • USB to PS2 Adapter
    • Installation CD ROM with quick install guide


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