Slimline wine aerator

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    Slimline wine aerator

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    Slimline wine aerator

    The lazy way to decant your wine!

    This is the way wine should be decanted! Much like the famous Vinturi Wine Aerator sets, this Wine Aerator vastly improves the taste of your wine. This wine aerator, though, is portable, meaning it's perfect for when you're out and about having a tipple. It also functions as a pourer and drip-stopper so, short of opening the bottle itself, there's little it can't handle when it comes to making something super of your favourite Shiraz. You can pop this slimline wine aerator in your pocket and take it to restaurants, dinner parties, on a plane, on picnics, or you can just use it at home. Crucially, though, it's able to create the equivalent of a 20-inch vacuum in its little chamber (most aerators can manage 10 at a push), meaning that your wine will be beautifully aerated and have all its subtle flavours brought to the fore. Unlike so many other aerators on the market, this one pops straight in the neck of the bottle meaning no more drops of red wine on the tablecloth, and a convenient pouring action. Beautifully presented in an elegant gift box, the wine aerator makes such a great present for your wine-buff friends - or even for yourself!

    • Key Features

    • Get the best out of your wine with the Wine Aerator
    • Aerating your wine vastly improves the taste
    • Far smaller than most aerators
    • Perfect for taking to picnics, parties, restaurants or just in the home
    • Fits into the neck of any standard wine bottle
    • Also functions as a pourer and drip-stopper
    • Achieves the equivalent of a 20-inch vacuum
    • Suitable for ages 18 years +
    • Size: 17 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm


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