Remote Control Scary Tarantula Spider

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    Remote Control Scary Tarantula Spider

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    Remote Control Scary Tarantula Spider

    Be afraid be very afraid!

    This remote controlled scary and thrilling spider will drive your pets mad and scare any arachnophobe's.

    Watch grown men leap up onto chairs and women run off screaming, as you set this realistic furry spider on a creepy crawly mission around your home.

    The perfect thing is that you are in control of this R/C toy, so you can choose who the unlucky victim is.

    This R/C spider can move in practically any direction including forwards, backwards, left and right, so you can send him on completely custom paths. If you want the spider to take control then you can press the middle button on the controller to set him into auto mode as he navigates his way around your home completely independent of any control.

    The Tarantula requires 4 x AA batteries and the transmitter requires 1 x 9v battery (both not included).

    • Key Features

    • Best way to make grown men scream like a girl
    • It moves in any direction such as forward, backward, left and right
    • Set it into auto-demo mode and watch the spider move on its own
    • Requires 4 x AA batteries for controller and 1 x 9v for spider (not included)


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