Nitestik Safety Marker Keyring

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    Nitestik Safety Marker Keyring

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    Nitestik Safety Marker Keyring

    A brighter life

    Live a brighter life with the brand new Nitestik Safety Marker Keyring!

    The Nitestik is a newly designed key ring glow stick that uses a rare earth alkali to absorb energy throughout the day and create an ultra bright light that shines right throughout the night.

    It’s a fantastic device you can attach to anything you like and it will always stay visible. Its range of uses is only limited by your imagination.

    A few examples of use:

    -Attached to camping equipment so you're not feeling around in the dark to open your tent
    -Attached to your toolkit -Attached to your keys
    -Hook it to yourself when you’re running or walking at night so you don’t have to wear those hideous hi-vis vests!
    -Great fun for night time fishing
    -Attach it to your rug sack to stay safe when you’re backpacking
    -Attach it to your pet’s collar

    What makes the Nitestik different from any other glow stick is that it’s a completely natural non-chemical process and it lasts for ten years, glowing for 12 hours at a time! Leave it out throughout the day to charge, by absorbing natural or electric light, then in the night time it emits a powerful glow to light up anything you could possibly think of.

    Its applications are endless.

    The Nitestik is an awesome new device and is sure to become a really cool accessory for any type of activity.

    They come in four fantastic colours: Crystal Green, Ice Blue, Cool Pink or Royal Purple

    • Key Features

    • Environmentally friendly
    • Glows for 10 years
    • Glows for over 12 hours in darkness
    • Visibility 20 metres
    • Waterproof to 30 metres
    • Requires no power
    • Dimensions: 5 x 1cm


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