Lytro light field camera

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    Lytro light field camera

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    Lytro light field camera

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    Lytro light field camera

    You'll never lose focus again

    The genius, ground-breaking and utterly unique Lytro Light Field Camera, as the name suggests, records the entire light field instead of just a 2D image.

    The results are earth shattering and the upshot of this is that you can do incredible things like refocus your pictures after you've taken them. This is so COOL!!

    Because there's no need for auto-focus there's no more shutter delays, so you can instantly capture the shot before the moment is gone. The extraordinary Perspective Shift feature allows you to interactively change your point of view in a photo after you’ve taken it. Drag the living picture around in any direction, it's like you're in a really short 3D movie!

    The anodized aluminium housing makes the camera strong yet incredibly lightweight, and with its textured silicon grip you can effortlessly shoot with one hand or two. The shutter, zoom and all other vital controls are right there at your fingertips.

    Now every single picture you take is a chance to tell a story – explore, refocus, change perspective. Bring your images to life. Looks like no other camera. Does what no other camera does.

    The Lytro camera is built around revolutionary technology that captures and processes the entire light field. So it’s no surprise that it’s radically different, inside and out.

    • Key Features
    • Compatibility

    • Captures the entire light field rather than just 2D images
    • Refocus and change the perspective of your pictures after you've taken them
    • 8x optical zoom lens with a constant f/2 aperture offers a wide range of creative shots
    • Running your fingertip across the slider controls the optical zoom
    • ISO range is 80 (min) to 3200 (max)
    • Minimum shutter speed is 1/250
    • Ability to lock the exposure and control the ND filter
    • Easy to hold, silicone grip enables you to effortlessly shoot with one hand or two
    • Using Lytro Desktop or Lytro Mobile, share your living pictures on the Lytro Web Gallery, Facebook, Twitter, and more
    • Size: 4 x 4 x 11cm
    • Weight: 214g

    • Lytro Desktop software works with Mac OS X 10.7 or later (Intel Core 2 Duo or newer), Windows 7 (64-bit only), and Windows 8 (64-bit only)


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