Jelly alcoshots shot mould

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    Jelly alcoshots shot mould

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    Jelly alcoshots shot mould

    A pudding with a difference!

    Liven up your party with a jelly starter. Yes you read right: a jelly!

    These jelly shots are a very good way to get the party started or finish off a lovely meal with a naughty, boozy filled dessert.

    The mould comes with its own recipe book, so you can make all kinds of yummy jellies, the only problem will be that they will not hang around on the plate for long, so buy a few moulds to make life easier!

    These wobbly confections can't exactly be downed like a shot of vodka or whisky chaser but they're sure to induce squeals of delights from your party guests.

    Puts a whole new slant to serving jelly and ice-cream. Of course, they would be perfect for kids parties too, without the alcohol of course!

    Need some culinary inspiration? The mould also comes with a recipe book containing 12 different types of jelly shots including Caribbean Jelly (made using Rum and fruit jelly), jellies based on classic drinks like the Jelly-Colada and Margarita Jelly, and of course Vodka Jelly!

    The jelly moulds are great for all ages, even kids parties, BUT not with the alcohol in!

    • Key Features

    • Party Jelly Mould Set that makes jellies the size of an average shot glass
    • Makes up to six jelly moulds at a time - perfect for an intimate dinner party
    • Comes with recipe book with 12 different types of jelly shots
    • Great for dinner parties - either as a starter or boozy filled pudding
    • Jelly Shots measure approximately 10cm x 15cm x 4.5cm


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