iVori Smartphone Stand

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    iVori Smartphone Stand

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    iVori Smartphone Stand

    Your smartphone has gone retro!

    Sure, they’re high-tech, but it’s still tricky knowing where to put your smartphone when you’re working at your desk. They just don’t seem to sit anywhere without looking a bit higgledy piggledy. Well the iVori Smartphone Stand gives you a simple and stylish place to pop your gadget. And best of all, you can even use the iVori’s handset to make and receive calls via your smartphone. It’s perfect for adding a little retro charm to your home or office space (when was the last time you used a handset with a curly cable?) or to ease technophobes gently into the mobile market. By raising your smartphone, this sleek and elegant holder also keeps it away from accidental spills and prevents it from getting lost amongst your paperwork. So the next time it rings, you know exactly where it is.

    • Key Features

    • Smartphone stand
    • Suitable for all phones equipped with a mini jack
    • Mini jack handset
    • Simple and stylish
    • Perfect for your smartphone in the office
    • Get full use of your iPhone, even in mid-call
    • Silicone grip pad to keep your iPhone in place
    • Please Note: iPhone and charger cable not included

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