HOTcraze - Doughnut seeds - April fool's day prank

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    HOTcraze - Doughnut seeds - April fool's day prank

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    HOTcraze - Doughnut seeds - April fool's day prank

    Watch your intended victim's face!

    Here is one of the best APRIL FOOL’S DAY pranks on the market, (although this could be a used all year through if you like) something that you can wind up friends, family and work colleagues alike.

    The Doughnut Plant Seeds (which are actually CHEERIO BREAKFAST CEREAL but don’t tell everybody), come in our very own designed packet, the latin name Piral & Olaf is an anagram of ......... have you guessed it yet? 

    The packet carries it own humorous sowing instructions on the back!

    Watch the look of amazement on your victims face when you give them the packet, but you must remember to keep a straight face if you can. Good luck, and please note that we cannot be held accountable for your victim’s revenge on you, but we will be happy to send you a get well soon and speedy recovery card if required.

    Please give us feedback on how your wind up went by leaving a message on our page:

    • Planting Instructions

    • For planting in a container for home or office: make a 2 cm hole and carefully place seed in it. Cover over with soil and lightly water with 100 mils of milk per seed/ 1 litre of milk per packet of 10
    • FOR GLAZED DONUTS: pour 100 grams of sugar in each hole before sowing seed
    • For sowing outside direct into the garden vegetable patch: carefully place one seed at bottom of a three metre hole, 2 metres apart in any type of soil. When mature; bush will grow to a height of two metres
    • GUARANTEE: If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, or plants fail to grow in five years- Dig up seeds for a PRO-RATA refund


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