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    Drinks-Lab Homebrew Kit

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    Drinks-Lab Homebrew Kit

    Turn your boring fruit juice into an EXCITING sparkling alcoholic beverage in just 24 hours.

    The Drinks-Lab Homebrew Kit is the fun and easy way to make your own alcoholic drinks the way you like them. The Kit contains everything needed to turn fruit juice into a sparkling alcoholic beverage in just 24 hours. Simply choose or mix up your favourite juices, pour our special yeast blend into the bottle, seal with the supplied stopper and wait. An alcoholic metamorphosis occurs as the yeast eats through the sugar in the juice, which also produces bubbles and turns a boring bottle of juice into something a lot more interesting. The final taste of any homebrew depends on the juice that is used to begin with; most major supermarkets have broad ranges to choose from. Our favourites include Asda Pineapple, Orange and Coconut Juice, Oceanspray Cranberry & Rasberry, and Copella English Apple. The Kit is free from artificial flavours and colouring, and can be used with almost any type of juice, with the exception of artificially sweetened drinks. Drinks-Lab is a British company, and we are proud to say that our products are produced and packaged in the UK.

    Refill sachets available on request.

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    • 1 x Rubber Stopper – Used to seal the bottle of juice
    • 1 x Airlock – Allows CO2 to escape from the bottle, throughout the fermentation
    • 4 x Bottle Labels – For labelling your drinks once ready
    • 4 x Sachets of our specially blended yeast – This can turn 4 litres of juice into sparkling wine! (Ingredients: Yeast, Salts, Trace Vitamins)

    • Can I only use Homebrew with bottled juice? No, juice from any kind of container can be used, even freshly squeezed juice. However a bottle with a capacity of at least 1 litre and a neck/top of 3.2cm will be required to carryout out the home brewing. This is a common size available in most supermarkets, many juices come pre-packed in bottles of this size. You can always clean and reuse bottles in the future as well.
    • What will the alcohol content of my Homebrew be after 24hours? This depends on the sugar content of the juice and the room temperature amongst other things, however on average your juice can be expected to reach a volume of approximately 4.5% after 24 hours. If left to ferment for longer the sugar content will reduce further and the volume will reach a maximum of approximately 14%.
    • How do I store my Homebrew? During the brewing process, the juice should be stored at room temperature. The complete Homebrew can be sealed with the supplied bung and stored in the fridge for a number of days, but please note that the bottle must not be sealed airtight with a lid for a long period of time as the bottle may explode.
    • How much Homebrew can I make with one Kit? A standard Drink-Lab Homebrew Kit contains 4 Sachets of our special yeast blend; a single sachet can be used to create 1 litre of sparkling alcoholic juice.
    • Can I reuse my airlock and rubber stopper? Yes, the airlock and rubber stopper can be cleaned and stored until ready to be used again.
    • What ingredients go into the Homebrew Yeast Sachets? Yeast, vitamins and salts, we do not use any artificial flavours or colours.
    • Are there any age restrictions for purchasing the Drinks-Lab Homebrew Kit? Yes, HOTcraze is committed to responsible trading and therefore, anyone who wishes to purchase the Drinks-Lab Homebrew Kit must be at least 18 years old. If a purchase is made with a debit card that is available to under 18s, we may need to contact you to request proof of your age before the order is despatched.


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