BlueNio - Nio security tag -The Bluetooth loss prevention system

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    BlueNio - Nio security tag -The Bluetooth loss prevention system

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    BlueNio - Nio security tag -The Bluetooth loss prevention system

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    BlueNio - Nio security tag -The Bluetooth loss prevention system

    Never lose your pride and joy!

    Nio Tag Security Tag for iPhone & Smartphones.
    Are you worried your mobile, tablet, handbag or luggage could be lost or stolen? If your answer is Yes, then the nio Tag was probably invented for you.

    nio uses motion and proximity sensors to set off alarms on both itself and your Smartphone. You can choose to make it alarm if moved or when it leaves a preset range or both. The proximity sensor can be set to trip the alarm when the tracked item goes outside a 1 metre radius of the Nio tag, or up to 20 metres away.

    With the free nio App it's easy to setup the nio Tag on your Smartphone and then you're ready to attach it to any item you want to keep track of.

    nio is a Low Energy Bluetooth device, so it lasts up to 4 months between charges and it's compatible with iPhone 4S & 5, iPad 3 & 4 and the iPad mini.

    The lightweight nio Tag weighs just 10 grams and comes with a leather strap to attach it to a keyring, your luggage or even your children. Or clip it to your pocket to alarm if you leave your iPhone/iPad behind.

    The nio App is a free Smartphone app that helps protect items from loss or theft using Bluetooth to communicate with the nio Tag. The nio app creates a wireless chain that can be used to protect a wide range of items from laptops and briefcases to data sticks and car keys as well as tablets and Smartphones. If the wireless link breaks, then your Smartphone and your nio Tag both sound the alarm.

    What Is nio?
    The nio family of apps and accessories has been designed to help prevent the loss or theft of what matters most to you by wireless chaining it to your Smartphone via Bluetooth. This range of nio products combines innovative Smartphone apps with stylish security tags to create a Bluetooth wireless chain that can be used to protect a wide range of items from phones, laptops and briefcases to data sticks and car keys.

    nio is a unique mobile phone application that protects items from loss or theft by working alongside the nio Tag. The nio Tag can also be used to prevent the loss of the mobile phone itself and, by doing so, it also protects the data contained within it.

    Why Use the nio Tag?
    We all lose things. Sometimes it’s inconvenient, other times it’s disastrous. In either case, the nio Tag makes it preventable. A survey of cab drivers suggests that people in the UK leave 10,000 mobile phones in London taxis every month plus 1,000 other handhelds, laptops, iPods and memory sticks.

    What Is the nio Tag for?
    Whether it’s your little child who is prone to running off in supermarkets, your keys that you can never seem to find when you really need them or your new Smartphone that you’re terrified of leaving in a coffee shop, the nio Tag protects what’s valuable to you.

    Why is the nio Tag the unforgettable accessory you should own?
    Its futuristic advantages include an impressive series of features … Virtual Buddy System Clip the nio Tag onto something you carry most often as a means of protecting your iPhone or iPad or Smartphone.

    Why stop there?
    The nio Tag can be attached to your keys, camera, laptop, purse or wallet and a wireless link is enabled that has the nio Tag to alert you if any removal or absent-minded action occurs.

    Distance Settings
    You have a wide range of options for how far your phone can go before the nio Tag sends out an alarm warning you of something left behind. Whether you'd prefer an alert at 1 metre away or 20 metres away, when the nio Tag leaves your side you are protected. Alarm Not only does an alarm ring out from both the nio Tag and your Smartphone but it can also be set to vibrate as well. And if you get tired of the standard sounds the nio Tag provides, you can customise the alarm with your own attention-grabbing tones.

    Easy to Use
    The set up of the nio Tag involves switching your Smartphone or other device, performing a quick download of the app via the Apple Store and clicking on ‘Locate nio’ when it pops up after download. Smartly done!

    At 10 grams, the nio Tag is anything but clunky. Its simple design allows it to mirror the look of your modern Smartphone without weighing you down.

    If you're forgetful to begin with, the chances are you don't need another accessory to remember to charge. The nio Tag all but eliminates that task by holding a 4 months charge.

    Anti-Theft Option
    If you're in a situation where you aren't able to pay immediate attention to your items (e.g. taking a nap, chatting, studying), the option is available to have the nio Tag alarm go off as soon as it is touched or moved.

    Private Data Protection
    From confidential emails to credit card information, a smartphone acts as your portable storage unit. Without the nio Tag, your personal info is always at increased risk of falling into the wrong hands.

    • nio Tag Key Fearures
    • nio App Key Features
    • nio Prem. Key Features

    • nio system supports all iOS, is easy to install and very intuitive to use
    • Up to 4-month battery life on single charge
    • An adjustable operational range of up to 20 m
    • Anti-theft motion sensor
    • ’Find my smartphone button’ for when you have misplaced your device
    • Rechargeable via micro USB
    • LED indicators for status and alarm
    • Audible and vibration alerts on alarm
    • On/off button
    • Detachable clip and leather strap making nio Tag easy to attach and simple to use for whatever purpose

    • Simple slider for setting length of wireless chain up to 20 m
    • Locate mode for finding misplaced nio Tag
    • Activation of anti-theft motion sensor on nio Tag
    • Customisable alarm sounds via your iTune library
    • Runs efficiently in background so you can carry on using your device
    • Compatible with: iPhone 4S and newer - iPad 3 and newer including the iPad mini

    • Multiple nio tags and nio Soft Tags
    • nio app lock prevents unwanted disabling of the nio alarm
    • Motion alert on your iPhone/iPad alerts you if someone tries to pick up your device
    • Automatic activation reminders (never forget to have your nio switched on!) - ideal for your morning commute or when you get into the office
    • Alert your friends and colleagues of an alarm or possible loss automatically through email, Facebook, or Twitter
    • Use nio's real time map to track the time, date and location of an alert and to help you locate a lost device
    • Compatible with: iPhone 4S and newer - iPad 3 and newer including the iPad mini
    • Download nio Premium from the App Store for just £6.99/ $9.99/ €8.99



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