Aquapod Bottle launcher

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    Aquapod Bottle launcher

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    Aquapod Bottle launcher

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    Aquapod Bottle launcher

    5, 4, 3, H2O, 1...

    The ultimate bottle launcher that fires any 2L plastic bottle as high as 100ft in the air.

    Finished with your plastic bottle of pop? Don’t bin it, we have found a new way of recycling - launch it into space!

    The Aquapod Bottle Launcher lets you fire any regular 2L plastic bottle an incredible 100ft in the air. Ok so that’s not quite Space Shuttle level, but it’s certainly a spectacle down the local park. Stand back though! Here she blows!

    All you need is fresh water and a little elbow grease. Just half fill your bottle with water and connect it to the Aquapod launcher. Use a bicycle pump to fill the bottle with air to raise the pressure inside. Then, when it’s ready to go, retreat to a safe distance (about 15ft) and give the release lanyard a gentle tug. Counting down is also recommended, for dramatic effect. Your bottle will rocket into the sky in a refreshing shower of water, landing up to 25ft away.

    • Key Features
    • Please Note

    • Launch ordinary 2L plastic soft drink bottles up to 100ft in the air
    • One-piece ABS plastic body
    • Uses fresh water as a propellant
    • Solid brass check valve prevents over pressuring
    • Dimensions: 33 x 34.1 x 19.5cm

    • Requires a bike-pump (not included)
    • Suitable for ages 14+
      • Do not exceed 50 PSI



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