T-Key USB flash drive - hard disk secure encryption key -  4GB

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    T-Key USB flash drive - hard disk secure encryption key - 4GB

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    T-Key USB flash drive - hard disk secure encryption key - 4GB

    Want to secure and protect your confidential and private files?

    Well then the T-Key is definitely the USB key for you!

    Not just a 4GB USB drive but a secure encryption key drive made specifically to protect and secure your confidential files on the hard drive of your own computer and on the key itself.

    Based on a military grade AES 256 bit encryption algorithm, this simple to use key, can create new partitions on your own computer with just a few clicks. Securing your files for only you to view.

    The process is simple, convenient, reliable and most importantly secure.

    A few examples of what the T-Key is ideal for:

    • Keeping ANY confidential documents in the home office
    • PC totally private and confidential
    • Ideal tool for lawyers, accountants, financial analyst, executives, managers, private investigators etc...
    • Moving confidential data securely and on a simple to use USB key
    • Keeping secret corporate data secure while on the move 

    • Key Features
    • Technical Specifications

    • Affordable easy to use and totally secure solution
    • High level strong password authentication
    • Advanced Encryption hardware IC chipset
    • Military grade data encryption
    • Embed to the operating system seamlessly
    • You can easilly create delete move new encryption partitions in the hard disks
    • All the data in or out of these partitions and stored on the T-Key is encrypted at all time
    • Simple operation anyone can use a T-Key
    • The complex encryption process is completed seamlessly in the background
    • No size limit for the encrypted partitions
    • Create up to 20 encryption partitions per computer
    • T-Key can be used on more than one computer
    • T Key can encrypt your mobile HDD U disk SD cards CF cards TF card etc...
    • Your password is safegarded on T-Key and not on the computer
    • The encrypted partitions can only be opened when the T Key is connected and the password has been entered
    • Encrypted partitions can only be visible when the T-Key is connected
    • Powerful Transparent Protection system
    • Most friendly and concise user interface packed neatly into a system that is simple and easy to use
    • Secure backup facility of T-Key to access encrypted partitions in the event of you losing your T-Key
    • Video on how to use the T Key stored on the T Key itself and deletable once setup is complete

    • AES 256 bit military grade data encryption
    • 4GB Intel Grade A memory chip
    • USB2.0 High speed 480Mbits
    • Supports Windows2000 XP SP3 or above Vista Win7 OS
    • Based on the National Grade Certification IC chipset
    • Unique ID and secret Key which guarantees that the files encrypted by one T-Key can not be opened by another T-Key
    • The secret key and password are stored and protected on the key not on the computer which provides additional security
    • Waterproof, dust proof, shockproof




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